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Title Services

No title, we can fix that! Get your FL duplicate title with Fast processing, complete all required docs from the comfort of your home or office, and have it mailed right to your door.

We Ship To Any Address

Unlike the Florida DMV and county offices who can only ship your title replacement to the address you have on file with them, can mail it anywhere, but a document like proof of residency may be requested.

Do It All From Your Phone, Tablet, or PC

You can order your Electronic Print Title or Duplicate Title right from your phone, right now on the go. Answer a few simple questions to fill out the form. With an easy to navigate process you can skip the lines at the DMV and get on with your day.

Florida title replacement services for all types of reasons

  • You want to sell your old truck, but cannot find the title.
  • You own a boat, but the paper title is damaged.
  • You bought a vehicle from an estate sale years ago, but lost the title during a move.
  • The title you have has signatures with incorrect placement.
  • You find a buyer for your used car, but don’t have a title to give them to transfer the sale.

Paper title vs electronically held title replacement

If your vehicle currently has a paper title issued then to replace it you must request a duplicate. The State of Florida keeps records of titles in two ways: paper and electronic. An electronic title is held electronically within the state system so it can’t be stolen or misplaced. A paper title however typically gets misplaced, lost, or damaged and that’s when a title replacement is needed. If you have an electronic title, just ask select an Electronic Title Retrieval option to print it out and have mail it to you.

Award Winning Customer Service

Additionally to Florida title replacement, offers variety of motor vehicle services online for Florida drivers. From title transfers to registration renewals online, our customer support clerks are here to assist you, If you’re having specific issues regarding your title please feel free to reach out to our offices so that we can help you with a solution.